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A hunki alien lion shifter... What's not to love. - Amazon Reviewer

Meet the new King of Zuha, Alex Darkon. 

Alex only cares about his secret mission on Earth.

Not being the king!

And certainly not finding a mate...

Until his life was saved by Emily - a curvy, beautiful and sweet woman - during a mission!

He wants her, she is the only one who is fit to be his queen.

But now she is in danger, because of him...


Meet Emily Dyson, a veterinarian and animal lover.

Emily’s life had been somewhat uninteresting, until she found an injured stranger shifting back and forth from man to lion. 

She should have run for her life. 

If only she could have let the lion die. 

If only she could have let that sexy and gorgeous man die right in front of her. 

Now, she has aided an alien and there are bound to be consequences...


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