sold to the werewolf

A exceptionally good shapeshifter romance. - Amazon Reviewer

From the beginning of the book it just caught your attention... - Amazon Reviewer

Very gripping read. - Amazon Reviewer


Mom and dad left us without any warning, without the chance to say goodbye. Overnight, all I have left is my baby brother, Charlie. 

But now he has fallen ill and death is calling. 

There’s only one way I know to save him… Zare, the head of the biker gang. But men like him never come without a price; there’s always trouble. 

If I agree to be his wife, he’ll take care of Charlie’s medical bills. 

I’m ready to take the offer and accept him as he is… as long as he keeps his promise. 



It’s always been easy for me to get girls, it’s just part of the fun of being a werewolf. Good looks and strong, muscular bodies seem to be in our DNA. 

But finding a true mate is another story! I’ve been looking for what seems like forever and nothing... 

And then I met Jane. 

Getting this girl, it seems, is not so easy... So I made her an offer she can’t refuse. 

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